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Crimson goes beyond top university admissions. Our tutors play a pivotal role in shaping students for triumphs in academics and life. Unleash your potential with Crimson today!

As a Crimson tutor, you'll enjoy...


Tutor from any quiet place with a stable internet connection. Many of our current tutors work or study full-time. Give us your availability when you start, and we'll match you with students accordingly.

Working with International Students

Our students come from all corners of the world and many are top students in their countries. Let us do the work of acquiring and matching students so you can focus on teaching.

Our Crimson App Platform

Experience digital efficiency on the Crimson App platform. With cutting-edge tools, tutoring becomes hassle-free for both tutors and students. Stay organized and in control as you unlock the potential of every student, all at your fingertips.

Endless Opportunities

Explore growth opportunities within Crimson through cross-training in various divisions. Our tutors engage with students in diverse roles such as extracurricular mentors or admissions mentors, and often transition to full-time staff. Don't miss out on chances in Crimson Community, Tours, resource development, webinars, and marketing events.

The best part of tutoring at Crimson

Tafadzwa D.

Tafadzwa D.

PhD candidate in Sociology, University of Cape Town
I chose to work with Crimson Education because I am passionate about student education access, success and achieving their goals. Crimson also offers me the opportunity of career growth, which is to jump into EdTech, as a curriculum developer, student success manager, enrollment specialist or advisor and learning consultant.
Jatinder S.

Jatinder S.

Full-time tutor
I chose to continue to work with Crimson because it helps me make an impact on the lives of my students and help them create their own individualised pathways for themselves. Crimson Education not only appreciates the work their students do but also appreciates the work and effort that their staff puts in to ensure the best for all students.
Phillippa L.

Phillippa L.

Full-time tutor, former classroom teacher
I have worked with many tutoring companies, both online and in-person, and Crimson is by far the most well-structured with a well-equipped online platform and a team of support staff to help communicate with students. You can tell Crimson cares about education, going far beyond merely introducing students to tutors. What's more, they are always working on new ways to improve the services they offer.
Toby Y.

Toby Y.

Speech and Drama Teacher
I love how Crimson can connect me with students from all over the world, giving me continually upgraded and refined tools to teach and collaborate with them, like built-in shared docs and brilliant scheduling.
Abirami R.

Abirami R.

Full-time tutor, former classroom teacher
What I enjoy the most is the support and vibe that I get from my colleagues. The team makes it so easy for us to work together, and they are always supportive.

What makes a great Crimson tutor?

High scores

If you've scored in the 95th percentile of any exams or subjects you are interested in teaching, or you've achieved very high marks in the topic, we want to hear from you!

Passion for teaching

Our tutors are no ordinary educators; they are the driving force behind our students' extraordinary achievements. They care deeply about shaping a brighter future and unlocking the true potential of our students.

Tutoring experience

Because we aim to provide the best service to our students, we prefer when our tutors have previous experience working one-on-one with students.

Engaging style

While not all of our tutors come from traditional teaching backgrounds, they share a deep dedication to education and empowering others to succeed. They know how to get buy-in from their students and keep them motivated through challenges.

Where our
tutors come from

Because our tutors play such a critical role in the journeys of our students,  we strive to build a team with a diversity of backgrounds. These are just some of the many universities that our tutors claim as an alma mater!

University of Southern California

What our tutors have to say

Hear directly from some of our tutors about their day to day work with Crimson, which fits into the other parts of their busy lives!